VRYeveryday was founded with the mission to help support a natural biochemical approach for people in recovery from all forms of addiction, mood and mental health issues using nutrition, supplements and various wellness modalities. Our formulas were created with the vital help of our experienced US based manufacturer and taking a direct cue from innovators in the field of neurotransmitter replacement therapy, neuroscience and neuronutrition and addiction treatment. Our formulas were informed by the works of the founders of Alliance for Addiction Solutions and the many doctors who have been studying the effect of nutrition and nutrient therapies on mental health and addiction since the 1980’s. We’ve provided a list of books in our resources as an example of the depth this science has been covered. While many targeted nutrients can be found in healthy food, many need a concentrated amino acid blend, specific formula combinations and vitamin co-factors to fully support brain chemistry to achieve an optimum state. We’ve provided those for you.


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