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Hospitality Plus Unlimited, Inc. has been providing quality full color community maps for our clients since 1998.

Local chambers of commerce get thousands of visitors each year looking for information on their community. Community maps are the most asked for informational tool. Since these community maps feature chamber members and their information; it is a great handout to visitors and a perfect tool to introduce chamber members to newcomers in the community. We provide these beautiful full-color maps free of charge to each Chamber of Commerce because of our proven “Member-Sponsoring system”. We contact each chamber member that would like to participate in the program as a sponsor and we do all the work.

Our system not only allows the Chambers to receive our quality community maps for free but also helps to build a stronger connection between the chamber and its members. To find out more information about how to get started with our no cost program please contact us by filling out the information form and our staff will contact you immediately.